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"I have a 15" Macbook Pro - early 2011 - that developed a video card problem that is widespread with this model.  Most Mac "experts" including Apple itself will tell you to get an entirely new logicboard at a cost that is almost the same as buying a new computer.  Somewhere around 800 dollars. And I almost had to do that. Luckily, I found Alex and Mobile Mac Techs.  

Alex basically says "hogwash" to getting an entirely new motherboard. With his 20 years of working for Apple, Alex knew exactly what the problem was - the chip wasn't properly soldered to the logic board. It is a problem that is occurring on thousands of early 2011 models.  They aren't soldering it properly at the factory during the assembly process.

Using infra-red technology and other tools, Alex is able to re-solder the chip better than the original soldering at the factory.  The results is that my computer is more solid now than when it was new.  It is handling heavy HD video editing for months without any problems.  

IF YOU HAVE AN EARLY 2011 15" MACBOOK PRO, with the dreaded VIDEO CARD PROBLEM, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Alex and Mobile Mac Techs.  He fixed the problem at a fraction of the cost of a new motherboard. 

And, on top of this - he's a cool dude.

Pat U. - San Francisco, CA.


"My 13'' macbook pro was water damaged, Alex fixed it really fast. If your mac has problem, go here immediately.
Strongly recommended this store. 

Thanks again."

Yuanying D - Santa Clara, CA.


" I damaged my late 2009 iMac during an upgrade procedure by detaching the display connector from the board. I ordered the part myself and called around to see who can solder it back to the board. 

After being told by few other places that they can't fix it, I contacted Alex and he said he can fix it. It took just one day for him to fix it. 

If you are in need of service on Apple machines, contact Alex."

Anon Y - Campbell, CA.


"Cracked my 15" MacBook Pro Retina Display screen one evening. An hour following that, I emailed Mobile Mac Techs and received a call within the next 20 mintutes to set up an appointment. During the appointment, it turned out that the screen I had bought to replace my old one was defected. At first, Alex first told me that I would have to return it, but he didn't want to give up on me knowing that I needed the laptop as soon as possible for school. Instead, he tried his best to fix the situation and he did! He did much more work than he originally planned to do b/c the defected screen, but even with the extended labor, he replaced my laptop screen within an hour or so. I highly recommend this company if you ever need your MacBook fixed, especially if you need it done ASAP as I did. Great sevice, amazing work, and nice guy! Thanks again Alex!"

Kaelyn R - Antioch, CA


" Alex at Mobile Mac Techs is phenomenal. As a small business owner myself I found his services professional and he left me feeling confident about his abilities. My MacBook Pro is about three years old and what looked like to Alex as a routine memory upgrade had changed to a failing hard drive. He called me immediately and thoroughly explained everything in a way I could understand. Now my computer is running great and is super fast. Prices are fair and I feel he took the extra steps to cross the all the T's and dot the I's. I was also impressed with the quick turn around time and prompt responses via email and phone calls. You can tell right away he has the highest integrity. "

Arthur R - San Jose, CA


" Alex has magic fingers......

He saved a brand new Macbook air from water damage and a battery that had caught on fire. He replaced the hard drive in a MacPro. And he fixed a broken screen and exploded battery in another - all three for less than it costs just for apple to bat their eyes in my direction. Well, maybe not quite, but I've had macs for years, and issues such as water damage and Apple is like oil and water - I just steer clear these days. 

I was in another country when a water bottle broke and literally soaked my logic board. Whhhaaaaaa...... :-( I sent Alex a message, he responded swiftly, but I couldn't get it to him for a few more weeks. Total cost on the battery, and the cleaning, and whatever else his magic fingers did was close to $250, in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!!  

The other two laptops were just sitting around, things needed fixed here and there. So I dropped them off and Voila! In a few short days I had two macs that are like brand spanking new!  

Thanks a ton Alex! I've already had a few friends ask for your number and even if I'm not in the Bay area, I will go out of my way, I will send Alex the troubled Apple, I will be calling on Alex. He is absolutely awesome. "

Jamil S. - Emeryville, CA


"Mobile Mac Techs is the best! I had an issue with my Apple IMAC 27" where the fan was continuously blowing 

real loud. It was so annoying. I took it to another Apple repair shop near by and they told me it was the logic board and that it would be 

$600 to repair. I thought this was outrageous due to the fact he didn't even do a diagnostic in the back. He just looked at it. 

Frustrated with them I left & I found I Mobile Mac Techs here on YELP and it seems people have great things to say about Alex Royal there. 

So I called Alex he told me he wasn't sure over the phone bring it to him & he would charge me a $35 diagnostic to take a look. and if the problem was too severe

he would only charge me $35 for the diagnostic and return my machine to me. I thought this was very fair and honest. He called me the same

day and told me the only problem was with a $20 sensor to the fan. He only charged me $74 for the part and labor!

I am so glad I didn't pay those other guys $600 for the logic board repair or i would have got ripped off. Alex is a very honest, fair and straight 

forward professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants their computer repaired fast, honestly & affordably!"

Clive T. - South San Francisco, CA


“Alex is very knowledgeable about Mac computers,as well as extremely  efficient and fast.  I cracked my screen and he replaced it the same day for a the most reasonable price I found anywhere else.  I will definitely be referring him to friends and using him for any of my computer problems in the future,  Excellent service and very friendly.”

Kathi A. - San Jose, CA.


"Alexander was extremely helpful. He replaced my mac mini HD with a new Samsung SSD. No muss no fuss. I probably could have done it myself, but for $49 to have someone who does it on a regular basis take care of it, well lets just say it was a cheap insurance. Timely, easy to deal with, and a nice guy - what more do you want?"

Tom H. - San Jose, CA.


"What a great resource. My son's MAC had been giving him trouble and one call and Alex straightened all of our problems. I will always call Alex when I need help with our Mac!"

Joe L. - Walnut Creek, CA.


"I came into Mobile Mac Techs with my broken Apple MacBook Pro. The hard drive went out and I thought I lost all my data. Alex was very friendly over the phone and was wonderful to deal with in person. Not only was he able to fix my laptop,but he was also able to recover all of my data! Thanks for saving me Alex. i highly recommend anyone that need Apple services to call Alex at Mobile Mac Techs"

Tamara S. - Walnut Creek, CA.


"Mobile Mac Techs is one of the best computer repairs. Anytime i have Mac Clients for my bussiness i hand it to Mobile Mac Techs i am telling you Alex is the best Mac repait guy out there in san Jose . He can take Apple down lol . Alex has never let my clients down when it came to repair Mac repair . you will get more bussiness from me Alex"

Neil P. - San Bruno, CA.


"Where do I start? Well, my daughter is getting ready to leave for college and sadly, liquid got spilt into her MacBook! The computer started freaking out and I instantly took it to the Apple Store. MINIMUM price would be $800 and they needed to keep it past the day she was to leave. No way I could afford a new one so I went on Craigslist looking for help. Thank god I found Alex! He is very professional! Super fast in response time getting back to me! And he knows his stuff!! He not only fixed the HUGE liquid problem but he took the time and totally updated her computer! Oh and he did all this in 2 days!! He knew she was going to college and felt her 3 year old MacBook needed well...a little bit of help to say the least. Not only that he educated her on how to keep her "new" Macbook running smoothly! Things she had never been told before by Apple! She is so happy! I am so happy! What a huge relief! I feel like I'm sending her off to school with a brand new computer thanks to Alex! I have already recommended him to all my freinds and family. I feel like I hit the jackpot by finding him. He truly is wonderful :)"

Monique P. - San Jose, CA.


"Alex answered all my prayers! I had a very troublesome apple mac book pro and he did everything in his power to fix my issue. Not only did he fix the issue, he did the job quicker than anyone else I had turned to prior to meeting him. He works quickly and is 100% legit! Thank you Alex your the man! I highly recommend plus he has incredible customer service"

Aaron S. - San Bruno, CA.


"Alex is an expert at what he does. I have a MacBook pro and I sat on it and broke the screen about a year ago. I called numerous Mac repair shops and not a single shop quoted me less than 400 to replace the screen. So the MacBook sat under my bed collecting dust. I was cleaning out my room and came across the laptop almost a year later. My first thought was to throw it in the trash but I figured it couldn't hurt to try and find a repair shop that could fix it for a reasonable price. Next thing you know I am dropping off my MacBook to Alex within an hour of calling him with a quote for less than half of what any other shop wanted to charge me. He replaced the screen in about 30 mins and also replaced a fan and resecured some loose wires. He was incredibly knowledgeable and a really great guy.
About two weeks later I tried to erase my hd and upgrade the os and ended up with a non working laptop. So I called up Alex and we made an appointment for the weekend. When I got there he diagnosed the problems and had me up and running in a matter of minutes. I would highly recommend Alex. I will never take my MacBook to anyone else. He has the most reasonable prices and the turn around is unbeatable. Thank you Alex."

Matt S. - San Jose, CA.


"I found the ad from CL. First person won't replace my HDD on my Macbook Pro with SSD because one screw was stuck but when I called Alex and went to him, he had no problem taking it apart w/o any problem. He even fixed my dvd since it's not reading the disc. The price is very reasonable since it took him 3 hours for total job."

Jeff O. - San Jose, CA.


"After I installed newest OS (Lion) on my MAC the internet browser would not load web pages. It was not my Internet service's fault because other computers in my house worked just fine. I took it to the Apple store and they reinstalled Network Preferences. That seemed to fix it in the store but when I came back home the web pages would not load again.
I filled out the form on Mobile Mac Techs web site late that same night and I received an email from Alex early next morning saying he could take a look at it and we set up to meet a few hours later. He is prompt, professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. He fixed the problem and answered all my other questions. I will definitely use this business in the future and recommend it to others!

Oksana O. - San Jose, CA.

"Mobile Mac Techs are the Mac experts in-town, don't call anyone else. My problem was very involved and system too large to move. Alex came and stayed with my issue till repaired and followed up the next day! This is customer service and repair at it's best."

Kristoff D. - San Jose, CA.

"I want to give Alex 6 stars but i cant, he got recommeded by a friend and to my luck he happens to live and work right by my house. I had liquid damaged on my macbook since a couple of weeks ago, i called alex and told him what the mac was doing never told him what had happen also never told him that i had taken it to apple just to get it check out, alex told me by phone what he thought it might be wrong, so i went and dropped it off the next day alex promplty called me to tell me what was wrong with the mac which by the way was exactly what apple had told me to the teeth. I was impressed told alex to go ahead and fix it he called me a few hours later to tell me that it was ready for pick up, what wow i was amazed by how quick he works, to top it all off when i payed him he came back running to my car because i had giving him $20 too much from the price quoted talk about honesty right... after i took my macbook home and the keyboard was acting funny, i called alex dropped off and even though took a few days more to get it back i cant complain my macbook is working excellent, bottom line i will recommend alex to anyone with any apple products, he is good, easy to talk to, respecful, and even though i never got an estimate from apple im pretty sure hes cheaper as well thanks alex you def have a customer for life."

Anthony G. - San Jose, CA.

“I had an old Macbook Pro with Leopard OS X10.4 version. I needed to get it updated to the latest version Lion. Alex@Mobile Mac Techs was able to bump me up through all the 3 versions in a matter of an hour. He seemed very knowledgeable about the macs, also was able to set me up with remote desktop access that can enable him t remotely correct any issues I might have had. Also, I found this Ad on Craigslist and was very skeptical about buying software from anyone, but I immediately changed my opinion after I talking to him on the phone. He seemed extremely flexible and was able to get my job done even after hours. Oh! and hes super reasonable than the Mac Geniuses.”

Vish G. - Mountain View, CA.

“Alex is a trustworthy and diligent professional. He has done a thorough job with my MacBook Air, and I am going to recommend his services to my friends for their computer repairs.”

George F. - Santa Barbara, CA.

“Me and my boyfriend decided to upgrade my hp g6 series laptop for a better and higher processor so I could play those high end games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Mass Effect etc...I looked online to find someone who could upgrade it nicely and for a good price. Then I found this guy and I could’nt ask for more. He was very careful working with my laptop. He did it pretty fast too. It only took like an hour and a half for him to do it. My boyfriend only paid $75, compare to other repair shops. Now, my games on my laptop are running smoothly and better than before. I would recommend this guy if you ever need repairs or upgrades.”

Charmaine L. - San Jose, CA.

“I had to replace my 12 in Powerbook G4 screen Model A1010. I bought a replacement screen online and brought both to Alex. I received great customer service along with a detailed explanation of the condition and procedures taken in fixing my screen.  I dropped it off at 4 PM and picked it up at 5:30 PM the same day. I shopped around other places in the San Jose area and Alex not only had the best price but the quickest turn around time.”

Andrew R. - San Jose, CA.

Alex updated the OS on my G5 imac. Not only was I pleased with his work but also my decision of having him do the work. It is easy to see that he really likes what he does. I would not hesitate to call on him again. What I liked: He said that it would be done in 2 hours and it was done in 2 hours. Cost was less than if I did it myself He seems to stand behind his work No "learn from my fail" events Mac came back so clean I did not think that it was mine when I first saw it. Most important item to me: he thought to back up much more than I did. I made copies of what I thought I should. He made backup folders of everything. In the first few minutes of using the computer I found that I had not backed up enough and needed to use what he backed up. I benefited from his experience.”

Scot S. - San Jose, CA.

“Alex is amazingly efficient and knowledgeable.  I felt totally confident with his work and with the information he shared with me. Alex came out to install a new hard drive in my Powerbook, transfer all info. from old to new hard drive, and upgrade my OS.  He was on time.  He was so efficient and smooth at opening my computer and installing the new hard drive.  I could see how if I had tried it on my own with directions I found it would have taken me half a day.  He had that part done in about 10-15 minutes!  It pays to know what you're doing and have had the experience. He also helped us configure a new wireless router we had gotten ages ago and hadn't yet set up.  And he was very open to answering any questions (both before he came out and while he was here) and sharing tips to help our computers run better. Alex also emailed me the next day to make sure all was well and answered some more questions I had.  It wasn't cheap, but I feel it was well worth it to know I have someone very knowledgeable and experienced "messing with my computer".   I felt totally confident with Alex's work, would hire him again, and would highly recommend him.”

Deborah B. - El Cerrito, CA.

“Alex really knows his computers, especially Apple products.  Very good person to deal with.  He fixed my computer right the first time, but I made a the mistake and didn't really follow the steps he told me to do afterwards.  So, I ended up having to give him a second call for him to take a look at it.  He offered to fix it for free, but because I made the mistake I couldn't have him do that.  He ended up rebuilding my entire computer for a very reasonable price.  It has been running perfectly ever since.  Alex also referred me to Mac Pro in San Jose to get some replacement memory modules and they took care of me just because I mentioned that I'm a client of his.  They're really nice over there too.  I'm from Concord and I don't mind driving out to San Jose for good products and service.”

Mike C. - Concord, CA.

“If you're looking for the MAC Daddy of MAC Techs, look no further!  Alex Royal was able to work a  M I R A C L E on my little G-3 Pup - which I am determined to keep using for as long as it will allow me to.  My little puppy needed a memory upgrade & then some... and even though it meant pulling the whole thing apart about a million times, and searching for parts, screws & whatcha-majiggies galore, he managed to wave his Magic MAC Wand over my beloved ibook and turn it into one Mutha of a Machine again.  I LOVE IT!!!  ....and the BEST part is....(insert drum roll pleeze...!) he didn't try to persuade me to just get a newer/better/faster/higher-tech-ier computer in lieu all the time & energy it would take to fix the one I really love.  He accepts & understands how valuable our (com)'pooters are to us, no matter how silly the reason (I Love the keyboard, if you must know..) and just pretty much does his B-E-S-T to DELIVER what you ask him for.  Clearly, I am not computer savvy, but I am savvy about choosing the best person to do the job, and Alex Royal really lives us to his name and gives you & your MAC the R*O*Y*A*L treatment.  (((^_^)))”

Reni G. - San Francisco, CA.

“The service I have received from Alex Royal is excellent! He always comes at exactly the appointment time, which is greatly appreciated. He is always able to pinpoint the problem and create a solution the first time without him having to return. He has both knowledge of software & hardware, which is very important. He has been very helpful to me by answering questions through e-mail that several times have allowed me to fix the problem myself without having to call him for a home visit. I believe his rates are reasonable compared to what I have paid before and he seems to be more efficient than previous technicians I have used in the past.

Errol S. - Cupertino, CA.

“Price was great! And the service is super fast! I cracked the screen on my MacBook and my boyfriend happened to spill water on his MacBook around the same time and got a new laptop. So he gave me his old one to see if I could save myself some $ by getting the screens switched. I brought it to Alex and he did it within two hours. We even had a miscommunication and he thought I had a different model so he had quoted me a cheaper price than it should have been. But he still honored that price, which I thought was very classy. Unfortunately, the two laptops weren't quite identical and the next day, the screen was super dim because the logic board shorted out. I called Alex and dropped if off later that day. Since that logic board shorted out, he repaired my boyfriend's laptop. I didn't even think that would be possible since water was spilled on it! Alex ended up combining all the best parts from the two laptops in one working laptop. Since he had to do extra work on it, he charged me extra but the price was still great. Would definitely recommend Mobile Mac Techs.”

Brynne D. - San Jose, CA.

“I had to replace a cracked screen and a bad lcd display on my macbook(late 2008 unibody). First I thought of doing it myself and ordered the parts from Amazon. When I actually got to work, I realized that the tools that I had was not sufficient to remove the glass screen and I ended up chipping and breaking it. It was on a Sunday and the only place that answered was Mobile Mac Techs and I got a reasonable estimate for just the labour since I already had the parts. Alex verified the parts and promised to complete the work and give me my macbook on Monday. I got a call Sunday late evening and he told me that it was fixed(which I didn't expect). His work was pretty impressive and he also promised a 1 year warranty on the labour since the parts were not from him. Based on my experience, I can comfortably say that if I had any issues with my macbook again, I will definitely take it to Alex without seconds thoughts and also highly recommend him.”

Seshadri V. - Cupertino, CA.

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